Opera in the Frame

Educational project 10+ for groups

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Entering the world of opera is like going through a portal to a different dimension. It could be likened to discovering Narnia behind an old wardrobe. The opera house is like that wardrobe. It is old – boasting over 400 years of history. The stories told from the stage have always been accompanied by magnificent set designs. Opera would open secret passages to the worlds of mythological deities, the kingdoms of exotic rulers and fairy tale lands inhabited by fantastic creatures.

Opera in the Frame is an educational programme for children designed to help them get acquainted with opera with the use of film recordings of selected operatic works. The participants will learn about different elements of operatic works and the role of conductor, singers, director, set and costume designer, and choreographer. Apart from equipping them with solid opera knowledge, the project is aimed at stimulating their creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and interest in opera. 

Who may participate: 

Groups of primary school pupils (years 5–7), maximally 100 persons. 



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