The Trial

A production of the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre shown as part of the 11th Days of Dance 

Choreography: Martynas Rimeikis
Libretto: Laurynas Katkus & Martynas Rimeikis wg powieści Franza Kafki
Music: Mindaugas Urbaitis
Electronic music: Marija Paškevičiūtė
Sets: Marijus Jacovskis
Costumes: Jurgita Jankutė
Lighting: Levas Kleinas

The Trial is the first full length ballet created by choreographer Martynas Rimeikis. The work features music by Mindaugas Urbaitis, as well as cold and stark concrete sets by Marijus Jacovskis, featuring a monumental guillotine, allowing the audience to experience the tragic confrontation between an individual and official system even stronger. Having turned into a sensation right after its premiere, The Trial offers a truly unforgettable evening at the theatre.


    • Martynas Rimeikis Choreography

    • Laurynas Katkus Libretto

    • Martynas Rimeikis Libretto

    • Mindaugas Urbaitis Music

    • Marija Paškevičiūtė Electronic Music

    • Marijus Jacovskis Set Design

    • Jurgita Jankutė Costumes

    • Levas Kleinas Lighting


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