Giuseppe Verdi

Opera in four acts
Libretto: Antonio Ghislanzoni after an outline by Auguste Mariette
World premiere: 24 December 1871, Cairo Opera 
Polish premiere: 23 November 1875, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw 
Premiere of this production: 24 April 2005, Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki
In the original Italian with Polish surtitles

Commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt for the opening of the Suez Canal and – by the way – also of the Cairo Opera, Aida intimidates with its panache. Everything was fabulous – from Verdi’s fee (150 000 francs in gold) to the company of performers (in outdoor performances up to several hundred choristers and extras, real horses at that, as well as exotic creatures). In Aidas history we will find at least two wars: the stage one (Egyptian-Ethiopian) and the real one (Franco-Prussian). The latter stopped the explosion of the former for a year: by besieging Paris, the Prussians were also besieging the set decorations being prepared for the performance. Grand opera, by definition spectacular, in its Warsaw edition does not divert attention from its outstanding musical values with ostentatious exoticism. The famous part of Aida, spanning over two symbolic octaves of the soprano (from C to C) is, after all, the ultimate soprano role! The ancient conflict has won the hearts of opera lovers for years. And it will again, no doubt about that!



Chorus and Orchestra of the Polish National Opera
Polish National Ballet

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