Jakub Józef Orliński

A concert with the Capella Regia Polona Early-Instruments Ensemble of the Polish Royal Opera 

    Duration: ca. 2 h

    The angelic voice and appearance of Jakub Orliński have gained him crowds of fans around the world. He has recorded three albums, performed at Carnegie Hall and at the Lincoln Centre Alice Tully Hall, and, in addition, boasts a multitude of awards: enough to mention the two most recent – Politykas Passport and the Gramophone Classical Music Award for the best young artist. The Polish countertenor performs mainly early music: for example, on Anima Sacra we will find eight premiere recordings of Baroque arias, mainly from the Neapolitan school. The audiences appreciate his stage presence, beautiful voice, ambitious selection of repertoire, wise management of his own development and career, but above all – his humbleness towards music. The concert at Teatr Wielki will, in a sense, constitute a return to the beginnings of his career, as Orliński has participated in Teatr Wielki’s Opera Academy workshops since 2012. When he is not singing, our hero of the evening… dances. And by no means baroque numbers – he favours modern street style with its gravity-defying contortions.


    Part 1

    Henry Purcell
    Music for a While
    If Music be the Food of Love
    What Power art Thou
    Strike the Viol

    Tadeusz Baird
    Four Love Sonnets: Spójrz co tu ciche serce wypisało; Drwię, mając ciebie, z całej ludzkiej pychy; Słodka miłości; Jakże podobna zimie jest rozłąka

    Paweł Łukaszewski
    Jesień from Three Songs, words by Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

    Jakub Józef Orliński – countertenor
    Michał Biel – piano

    Part 2

    Francesco Cavalli
    Lucidissima face

    Giovanni Antonio Boretti
    Chi scherza con Amor

    Georg Friedrich Händel
    Pena tiranna

    Giovanni Bononcini
    Sinfonia from La Nemica d’Amore fatta amante

    Georg Friedrich Händel
    Voi che udite

    Luca Antonio Predieri
    Finchè salvo

    Giuseppe Maria Orlandini / Johann Mattheson
    Che m’ami ti prega

    Jakub Józef Orliński – countertenor
    Capella Regia Polona Early-Instruments Ensemble of the Polish Royal Opera


    Jakub Józef Orliński appears courtesy of Erato/Warner Classics.

    Performance score editions for Boretti, Bononcini, Predieri, Orlandini/Mattheson: Editions Charybde & Scylla – Yannis François

    The artist will donate the concert fee to Fundacja Słoneczna Akademia.

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