Premiere Preludes:

Concert heralding the premiere of Paul Hindemith’s Cardillac.

  • Performance cancelled

It is hard to imagine the 20th century and, by extension, the present time without Paul Hindemith, a composer known for his great synthesis of different styles, whose precision in putting sounds together was on a par with that of the greatest masters of the past. He gave rise to the ‘new objectivity’ and consequently a new value. In his cycle of 12 fugues separated by 11 interludes for piano and titled Ludus Tonalis, he maks a reference to Bach’s famous Das wohltemperierte Klavier, becoming one of just a few of the latter’s continuators, not plagiarisers, Shostakovich aside. They are performed by Olli Mustonen, one of Europe’s most interesting pianists, whose original interpretations have engrossed the musical world. This Prelude concert is not only a treat for the Cardillac ticket holders but a compelling ‘play of tones’.

In the 2020/21 season we will invite you to three pre-premiere concerts at the Redutowe Rooms. Before CardillacFidelio, and Mayerling open on our stage, you will have a chance to listen to pieces that are much more compact, and intimate as compared to the grand stage pieces and limited to one instrument. 

It is an opportunity to look at the three composers’ work from a different perspective, a glance at a less known aspect of their artistic profile. Touching the subtle fabric of the highest standard of chamber music, both instrumental and vocal, sometimes contemplative, sometimes playful, they are an excellent introduction to the major premieres of the season. 

The Preludes are short, hour-long concerts, attracting music lovers and opera enthusiasts seeking a beautiful music experience and a better understanding of the pieces written for the stage. 

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