Romuald Twardowski:
Songs and Sonnets

A recital by Tomasz Koniczny and Lech Napierała promoting their new album released by ANAKLASIS, a PWM Edition record label

    Duration: ca. 2 h


    Romuald Twardowski, award-winning Polish composer, valued educator and long-standing promotor of Polish music, tuned ninety in June 2020. Straying away from the avant-garde, he successfully incorporates elements of the novel music techniques into his idiom, giving it a contemporary edge. By juxtaposing medieval traditions and 20th-century achievements he writes music that is original, yet accessible to the listeners and performers alike. The recital, whose carefully curated programme includes Twardowski’s most compelling songs performed by world-class bass-baritone Tomasz Konieczny and excellent pianist and chamber musician Lech Napierała, is a a birthday gift to this prominent artist. One of the most important composer’s of his time, Romuald Twardowski will be presented with the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Colonia Restitute during the event. 


    Romuald Twardowski – songs and sonnets for bass-baritone and piano:

    Sonety Michała Anioła
    Trzy sonety do Don Kichota
    Trzy pieśni do słów Stanisława Ryszarda Dobrowolskiego
    Znad Wilii
    Oblicze morza


    Tomasz Konieczny – bass-baristone
    Lech Napierała – piano

    Hosted by Agata Kwiecińska

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