Silent Night …
At the Opera
A Carol Concert


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This Christmas many will experience a sense of isolation. Let us stop for a moment, listen to the silence, and find in the troubling reality the good, the wise, and the important. Let us try and make use of the time we were unexpectedly granted to get to know ourselves and or loved ones better. Let us remember the spirit of Christmas and look hopefully to the future.   

The excellent Polish artists and regular guests of the Polish National Opera to perform the concert have not had a chance to practice their profession for the past few months. They have also been unable to act on their greatest passion: make live music onstage. Thanks to the power of the Internet, they will now perform especially for you. Singers: Dariusz Machej, Tomasz Raff, Aleksandra Orłowska, Magdalena Stefaniak, Elżbieta Wróblewska, Zuzanna Nalewajek, Emil Ławecki, Tomasz Rak, Mateusz Zajdel, Magdalena Idzik, Anna Bernacka, Piotr Czekała, Anna Simińska, Jasin Rammal-Rykała. Piano: Marek Bracha. Concert preparation: Piotr Staniszewski and Barbara Wiśniewska.

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