La Folle Journée de Varsovie: SONGS FROM MEADOWS AND STREETS (26)

Chamber concert

    Duration: 50 min.

    Tickets go on sale on 1 September 2021, 11 a.m.


    Piano Trio in B-flat major, WoO 39

    Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO 158a:
    No. 2  Horch auf, mein Liebchen (German)
    No. 7 Wer solche Buema afipackt (Tyrolean)
    No. 9 Oj, oj upiłem się karczmie (Polish)
    No. 10 Poszła baba po popiół (Polish)
    No. 12 Seu lindos olhos (Portuguese)
    No. 15 Как пошли наши подружки (Russian)
    No. 13 Во лесочке комарочков (Russian)
    No. 17 Lilla Carl (Swedish)

    Scottish Songs, Op. 108:
    No. 9 Behold My Love How Green the Groves
    No. 14 O, how can I be Blithe and Glad

    12 Songs of Various Nationalities, WoO 157:
    No. 3 Charlie Is My Darling

    26 Welsh Songs, WoO 155:
    No. 19 The Vale of Clwyd

    25 Irish Songs, WoO 152:
    No. 20 Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy

    12 Irish Songs, WoO 154:
    No. 5 Who, my dear Dermot?

    12 Scottish Songs, WoO 156:
    No. 11 Auld Lang Syne


    Members of the Opera Academy Young Talents Development Programme of the Polish National Opera

    Zuzanna Nalewajek – mezzo

    Katarzyna Szymkowiak – mezzo

    Paweł Horodyski – bass

    Kamil Staniczek – violin

    Marcel Markowski – cello

    Wojciech Pyrć – piano

    Beethoven’s relationship to nature is a subject worthy of its own book. There are whole festivals devoted to the theme! Today, in less than an hour you will see a slightly different face of Beethoven. Beethoven leaving the palace and the salon. Beethoven walking along a field path towards a tavern. Beethoven working on dozens of folk melodies from various countries: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Russia, Poland, and Tyrol. These melodies celebrate rural and urban life and are a lyrical and playful commentary on human vices. You will be guided through this story by young singers, students of the Opera Academy of the Polish National Opera and chamber musicians of Sinfonia Varsovia.

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