Wojciech Kilar

Symphony concert


Wojciech Kilar

Kościelec 1909

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 
Janusz Olejniczak – piano

Symphony No. 5 Advent for chorus and orchestra

Chorus and Orchestra of the Polish National Opera
Patrick Fournillier – conductor

As we are approaching the Polish premiere of the ballet Dracula we would like to introduce the whole spectrum of Wojciech Kilar’s works to our audience. He was first and foremost a classical composer and pianist with over 50 works including five symphonies, symphonic poems, instrumental concertos, choral and chamber works. He has also composed over 170 soundtracks to various movies including grand Hollywood productions like Coppola’s movie Dracula.
While the ballet production Dracula was choreographed by Krzysztof Pastor to the variety of film and symphony music composed by Wojciech Kilar, this concert presents his purely classical face – a symphonic poem Kościelec 1909 composed in 1976 in memory of Mieczysław Karłowicz’s tragic avalanche death on Kościelec mountain on 8 February 1909, Piano Concerto No. 1 composed in 1997, with Janusz Olejniczak as the soloist, and Symphony No. 4 ‘Advent’ composed in 2007. We will have the opportunity to listen to three grand works from three different composing periods where each represents one of Kilar’s particular inspirations. In Kościelec, we will find his deep fascination with the Podhale region and it’s folk music traditions, Piano Concerto is a synthesis of his own skills and knowledge about the instrument and the ‘Advent’ symphony for chorus and orchestra gives us a glimpse of Kilar’s deep religiousness and devotion to sacred music.
We believe the repertoire chosen for the concert by our music director Patrick Fournillier, together with the film music chosen for the ballet Dracula, are a perfect combination that will give our audience a panoramic view of Wojciech Kilar’s works thus giving him a proper appreciation and recognition in our repertoire.


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