Workshop-ON for people aged 15+

Music composition and arrangement workshops led by Jan Stokłosa with the help of members of the Orchestra of the Polish National Opera

  • Apply by 10 September 2021
  • Apply by 10 September 2021
  • ON SALE FROM 3 NOV. 11 A.M.

What is the difference between composing and arranging music? What is workflow and what are the techniques of composing and arranging? What is the difference between writing film music and pop music? The participants of this workshop will also explore the secrets of the recording industry, before moving on to the practical assignments: setting a text to music, learning the nuts and bolts of instrumentation, and arranging a melody in a given style so that it could be discussed and performed the following day by professional musicians.

Led by composer and arranger Jan Stokłosa, a composer, arranger, and conductor working across different genres. As well as acting as the musical director of the Rampa Theatre in Warsaw, he composes music for theatre plays and radio dramas, arranges television concerts, and works as music producer. He is the founder of the Stokłosa Collective Orchestra.

All participants must be 15 or older and able to read sheet music. By applying, you commit to participating in both days of the workshop. The number of participants will be limited to 15 people.


Day 1 (4 July), 10 a.m. 5 p.m. (incl. one-hour break)

• Composing, arrangement, orchestration – differences and similarities • Workflow – composing and arrangement step by step with practical examples • Theatre, film, classical music, pop music – differences and similarities • Tools – software for music writing, notation and production – which programme to choose? • Recording industry – how are classical, pop, orchestral albums recorded? • Orchestra – the role of the composer, arranger when working with musical ensembles • Contracts – what to pay attention to in composing, arrangement, and license contracts • Scores and sheet music: why is proper editing important?

Practical part:
• Working with text, discussion of the materials • Composing a melody to an assigned text • Arranging a song for an assigned lineup • Arranging an assingned in a given style • Introduction to instrumentation • Instruments that are hard to notate: the percussion set, electric guitar and harp; decriptive notation.

Home assignment:
To arrange a piece for a given instrumental lineup.

Day 2 (5 July), 10 a.m.– 5 p.m. (incl. one-hour break)

Discussion of the assignments • Working together with Polish National Opera musicians • Performance of the pieces • Conclusions, work on the material • Q&A



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