Youth Spirit of Dance

Polish-Japanese dance project  

  • Free passes available at the box office
  • Free passes available at the box office
  • Free passes available at the box office

Youth Spirit of Dance is a Polish-Japanese project bringing together ballet students from the two nations. Shown twice in Japan, it returns to Poland for the fourth time. This year’s edition celebrates a hundred years since Japan extended its helping hand to a group of nearly 800 Polish children whose parents had been forcefully exiled to Siberia, and recounts the events with the use of choreography, video art, historical photographs, and narration.

The second part of the show features choreographies by such Polish artists as Katarzyna Kozielska or Bartłomiej Malarz. The young dancers will showcase their skills in a variety of classical, folk,  contemporary, and tap dance pieces choreographed by experts Joanna and Chris Ernest.

Youth Spirit of Dance in a cultural and educational exchange project accentuating cooperation between nations, quality of education, and high standards in dance training.


  • Patrons of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera

  • Partners of the Opera Academy

  • Partners of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera

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