BER. Ballet Triple bill

Bondara / Ekman / Rimeikis

World premiere: 14 December 2020, Poznań Opera House
A Poznań Opera House production

BER – the energy of contemporary dance. One of the most important new ballet productions whose premiere was watched online by 20,000 people. Three choreographers, three visions of movement, three takes on our times, and just one question: what is dance? Get to know the genotype of our present era.

B is for Bondara – Polish choreographer quickly gaining prominence on the dance scene, whose choreographies are shown at leading festivals in Poland and abroad. E is for Ekman – an international star of present-day choreography who has collaborated with more than forty companies around the world. R is for Rimeikis – the most accomplished choreographer of the young generation in Lithuania. BER stands for the mechanism that repairs damaged DNA; a way of introducing a breath of fresh air, dynamism, energy, rhythm; an impulse to rediscover the pleasure coming from movement – both for the creators and the audience.


Ballet of the Poznań Opera House

choreography and set design:
Robert Bondara


Daydreaming (A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016), True Love Waits (I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings, 2001), The Butcher (2011) Reckoner (In Rainbows, 2007), Staircase (Supercollider / Staircase, 2011)

lighting design:
Maciej Igielski

Helena van Riemsdÿk


Ballet of the Poznań Opera House

choreography, set design and video projections:
Alexander Ekman

Fernando Morales Troya

Mikael Karlsson, Ane Brun

musical interjections:
Erik Satie, Gymnopédie No. 1

fragments of poems read out by Elinor Basescu

lighting design:
Nicole Pearce

costumes and makeup:
Luke Simcock

assistant lighting designer:
Manuel da Silva

video production:
Karolina fender Noińska // Jajkofilm


Ballet of the Poznań Opera House

choreography and set design:
Martynas Rimeikis

assistant choreographer:
Julija Stankevičiūtė

Steve Reich, Lawrence English, Meredith Monk

assistant costume designer:
Karolina Grzeszczuk

Steve Reich
Music for Pieces of Wood: for 5 pair of tuned claves
Performed under permission of Universal Edition A.G.

Lawrence English
Watching it unfold from the album A Colour of Autman

Meredith Monk
The Walking Song from the album Volcano Songs: Duets (1993) / Meredith Monk The Walking Song performed by Katie Geissinger Environs 2 from the album On Behelf of Nature (2016)

Performed are under permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.

Ballet of the Poznań Opera House

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