What is classic in contemporary music and vice versa?

An Opera Academy concert | A senior’s weekend with culture


Opera Academy singers:
Jin Jiayu – soprano
Gabriela Legun – soprano
Natalia Tepla - mezzosoprano
Adam Walasek – tenor
Nazar Mykulyak – baritone

Guests (ENOA):
Žiga Čopi  – tenor (Operosa, Slovenia)
Pau Armengol – baritone (Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Valencia, Spain)

Opera Academy pianists:
Tetiana Boilo, Gabriela Lasota, Daria Siemianowska, Aleksander Chodacki, Piotr Zuchowski  


A carefully curated mixture of contemporary and classical music:
Lutosławski, Bargielski, Rihm, Bernstein, Shoenberg, Cipullo, Mozart, Haydn, Weber

What does contemporary precisely mean? Does contemporary mean modern? What is classical in contemporary music? What is the difference between classical and contemporary music?

And how to sing and play contemporary music?

These questions were the focus of a six-day ENOA workshop with renowned singer Topi Lehtipuu.

The participants worked on contemporary opera and concert repertoire with the main objective to practice how to deal with contemporary music. Different opera arias/pieces from the second part of the 20th century will be examined to search for criteria defining ‘classical’ in contemporary music. Parallelisms between classical and modern singing techniques and expressions will be pointed out.

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