Creations 16

16th Choreographic Workshop
New works by emerging choreographers
Polish National Ballet

‘We came to the conclusion that a choreographic workshop should be an integral part of a ballet company’s life if the company harbours the ambition to carve out an original artistic style for itself. Without attempts to find new paths, fresh means of expression and even a new language, ballet would be a mildly unexciting art, offering little surprise or challenge to its audience. Perhaps it would be a dead art.  

‘For this reason, each year our dancers take it upon themselves to stage new choreographic creations,  handling the whole production process and preparation of the programme brochure, poster, and other promotional efforts. Naturally and most importantly, they both choreograph and perform the works.

‘Each year sees new miniatures, mostly choreographed by dancers with prior choreographic experience from the previous editions of the workshop, but there are some newcomers, too. I look forward to seeing each and every one of them, because that is how new choreographic talents are born. Some – such as Robert Bondara and Anna Hop – have already gained our admiration.’

Krzysztof Pastor

Director of the Polish National Ballet


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