• Moniuszko AuditoriumMoniuszko Auditorium

    One of the largest stages in the world measuring 1150 m². The auditorium contains 1760 seats located in the stalls, amphitheatre, upper circle, balcony and gallery. 

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  • Młynarski HallMłynarski Hall

    The Młynarski Hall, known also as the Chamber Music Hall, served as a rehearsal room after the opera house reopened in 1965, following its destruction during WWII. Since 1968, the hall has been a regular venue for ballets and operas.  

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  • Redutowe RoomsRedutowe Rooms

    Redutowe Rooms may host concerts, exhibitions and special events, such as the OperaLab Mobile Ideas seminar. Designed in a characteristic T-shape, the space boasts great acoustics. 

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  • FoyerFoyer

    The opera house’s spacious foyer is situated in the spot where the Imperial Box used to be. Opening to the terrace, it pleases the eye with beautiful marble floors, crystal candelabras and large chandeliers.

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  • TerraceTerrace

    Adjacent to the Foyer, the terrace allows an enthralling view of the square before the opera house with the renovated Jabłonowski Palace opposite.

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