Ticket refunds

All our performances are cancelled until the end of June. Please follow our website for updates.

Ticket refunds

• Refunds for tickets purchased online will be automatically credited to your account. We ask for your patience: the refunds will be made successively.

• To obtain a refund on tickets purchased at the box office, please fill in the ticket refund request (an English version will be made available soon). You can also get a refund at the box office (weekdays, 11 am–7 pm; Saturday and Sunday only on performance days, 11 am–7 pm).

• Vouchers purchased this season remain valid throughout the 2020/21 season. If you have already exchanged the voucher for a ticket and the performance was cancelled, you are free to choose any other performance scheduled later this season or in the next one.


Box Office opening hours:
weekdays, 11 am–7 pm
Saturday and Sunday (only on performance days), 11 am–7 pm

Ticket reservations & inquiries
To make a ticket reservation or inquiry, please call the Ticket Service at +48 22 692 02 08, weekdays, 11 am–7 pm or mail: bow@teatrwielki.pl