Ticket refunds

2020/21 Season - Ticket refunds

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have revised our ticket refund policy for the 2020/21 season:

  • You may request a ticket refund up until 48 hours before the performance date, either online (ticket refund request form) or at the physical Box Office. No cancellation fees apply.

  • After the 48 hours mark, refunds will be made to prepaid cards only, without any cancellation fees. You may receive a refund to a prepaid card online (prepaid card request form) or at the physical Box Office. No cancellation fees apply.

  • You can obtain a refund on a group ticket (more than 15 tickets) up until 7 days before the performance date. No cancellation fees apply. If you would like a refund an individual ticket included in a group booking, please contact our Ticket Service.

How to get a ticket refund:

  • Refunds on tickets purchased online and paid for using PayU will be credited directly to your account, which means you do not need to contact us. The money will be credited to the account which was used to make the original payment within 30 days of the performance date.
  • To obtain a refund on tickets purchased at the physical Box Office and paid for in cash or by card please come to our physical Box Office in person or submit the ticket refund request form. The money will be credited to the account you indicate.

  • You may get your refund to a prepaid card, either online (prepaid card request form) or at the physical Box Office.
  • If your have already exchanged a voucher for a ticket for any of the cancelled performances, you will be entitled to swap it for a ticket to any of our performances in the 2020/21 season.

For inquiries, please contact the Ticket Service by phone +48 228265019, +48 22 692 02 08 or +48 692 02 10 (weekdays, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.), or by e-mail: bow@teatrwielki.pl.

Box Office and Boutique opening hours:
weekdays 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

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Box Office opening hours:
weekdays, 11 am–7 pm
Saturday and Sunday (only on performance days), 11 am–7 pm

Ticket reservations & inquiries
To make a ticket reservation or inquiry, please call the Ticket Service at +48 22 692 02 08, weekdays, 11 am–7 pm or mail: bow@teatrwielki.pl