Jacek Beler


portret artystyJacek Beler studied acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw. He received first prize at the International Festival of Theatre Schools in Brno, Czech Republic and the ZASP award at the International Festival of Theatre Schools in Warsaw for his role in Moulin Noir, his graduation performance. He also won a prize at the Theatrical Song Festival in Wrocław for his appearance in the musical play O’Malley’s Bar. Film credits include: Tolka niet siejczas (directed by Valeriy Pendrakowskiy), Sęp (directed by Eugeniusz Korin), Performer (directed by Maciej Sobieszczański, Łukasz Ronduda), Afterimage (directed by Andrzej Wajda). In 2009 he joined the company of the Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw, where he has played in Zły (directed by Jan Buchwald), Koriolan (directed by Gabriel Gietzky), Czynny do odwołania (Open Until Further Notice; directed by Piotr Bikont), Krzyczcie, Chiny! (Roar, China!; directed by Paweł Łysak), Każdy dostanie to, w co wierzy (Everybody Gets What They Believe In; directed by Wiktor Rubin), Klątwa (The Curse; directed by Oliver Frljić), Superspektakl (Supershow; directed by Justyna Sobczyk, Jakub Skrzywanek). He sings in the band Mięśnie.