Renata Bonter-Jędrzejewska

Costume designer

Renata Bonter-JędrzejewskaRenata Bonter-Jędrzejewska studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (formerly the School of Fine Arts, Wrocław), earning an MA in ceramics and glass art in 1995 and a PhD in 2017. Theatre credits include: Aleksander Fredro’s Maidens’ Vows, or the Magnetism of the Hear (dir. M. Lis-Orłowski, 2001), Antygona, czyli świat którego nia ma… based on Sophocles’s Antigone (dir. M. Lis-Orłowski, Kampania Fredrowska, Wrocław, 2002), Ani Ma’amin. Opowieści Kantora Dawida after M. Urbank (dir. W. Hejno, 800 Years of the Jewish Community of Wrocław, 2003), Mayday based on Ray Cooney’s Run for Your Life (dir. W. Pokora, Polski Theatre, Wrocław, 2007), and more. For the ballet stage, she designed costumes for the second part of the programme Famme fatale – El amor burro choreographed by Jacek Tyski to music by de Falla (Opera Wrocławska, 2017). She also designed for fashion shows and exhibition spaces. 

Since 2004 she has been a member of the Warsaw School of Reconstruction. She co-authored a range of historical facial reconstructions from skulls, including medieval townsmen of Gdańsk for the Archeological Museum of Gdańsk, in association with scientists of the Wrocław University and the Medical Academy of Wrocław. 

She has exhibited extensively at home and abroad. In 2010 she co-founded the Fuzjon Foundation which supports and promotes contemporary art. She organises and curates exhibitions of kinetic art in Poland and abroad. She teaches at the Department of Ceramics and Glass Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław. In her work as a costume designer, she collaborates with illustrator and designer Ola Jędrzejewska.