Tomasz Tadrała

Administrative director

Headshot Tomasz Tadrała holds a legal degree from the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland and has completed prestigious First-Time Manager and Management courses held by ICAN Institute, the publisher of the Polish edition of Harvard Business Review and ICAN Business Review. Still as a student, he started working as a journalist with the largest and most popular Polish volleyball website, Strefa Siatkówki, becoming its deputy editor-in-chief in 2006 and editor-in-chief in 2009. Simultaneously, he worked at Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Bemowo Sp. z o.o. as a legal and organisational specialist, then property administrator. He joined the Polish National Opera in 2012. He has extensive knowledge of the opera house’s administrative functions and processes. He successfully doubled as the head of the Administrative Department and leader of a team responsible for implementing a large-scale investment project funded by an EU grant. He is also involved in the work of the HR team responsible for developing the opera house’s human capital. Privately, he has a passion for photography, travelling and sports. He does CrossFit and boxing in his spare time.