Marc Heinz

Lighting designer

Marc Heinz (fot. arch. TW-ON)Born in Amsterdam, Marc Heinz started his career in 1988 as a lighting director for Toneelgroep Amsterdam. After winning an award for two productions (Lady Windermere’s Fan and Glenn), in 1993 he became a freelance lighting designer.

He worked on opera, television productions, museum exhibitions, special events, and musicals in countries like China, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the UAE, Austria, Spain, France, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Japan, Lithuania, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Italy, the UK, Slovakia, India, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, Israel, Finland.

He designed opera productions in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Basel, Amsterdam, New York, Łódź, Cologne, Hannover, Vienna, Munich, Mannheim, Berlin, Hamburg, Porto, St.Petersburg, Maastricht, Beijing, Baden Baden, Düsseldorf, Vilnius, St. Moritz, Linz, Tokyo, Utrecht, Arnhem, Groningen, Bratislava, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Enschede, Copenhagen, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Wrocław, Stockholm, Valencia, Brussels, and Poznan. The largest opera he designed was Aida in Stade de France, Paris was presented in front of 85.000 spectators.

In January 2015 Marc made his debut in the Metropolitan Opera in New York. In 2016 he made the lighting design for the New York Metropolitan 2016/2017 season opening with Tristan and Isolde with Mariusz Treliński and Boris Kudlička. He is a regular guest in the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw.

In 2013, 2015, 2017 he designed the world tours for Armin van Buuren, named five times the best DJ in the world.

His lighting design for Shrek the musical was awarded a musical award for ‘The best creative achievement for a large scale production’ in 2013. In 2017 he won this musical award again.

In 2018 he was nominated for the ‘The Best Scenography’. In 2020 he was awarded the ‘Global Excellence Award’ for best best lighting designer. In 2021 he was awarded the ‘Benelux award’ for best best lighting designer

Marc Heinz is a member of United Scenic Artists USA and a professional member of The association of lighting designers, U.K.